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BlockIDE is an integrated development environment that enables people without any blockchain development experience to create smart contracts on any blockchain.

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What is a Smart Contract?

Smart Contracts are used in many ways and can help take the hassle out of transactions or exchanges for anything of value, while eliminating the costs and fee of a middleman. Saving you time and money!

What Can You Use Smart Contracts For ?

How BlockIDE Can Help You

BlockIDE enables anyone from a novice development level to an expert to not only create but also manage and deploy smart contracts using any blockchain on a secure and private hyperledger. No programming is required. Select from our range of smart contract templates or design your own with our drag-and-drop development environment.

Today, the majority of companies are interested in what blockchain technology can do for them. However, they struggle to find ways of using it. Our Code Marketplace makes it easy for developers to sell their code and for users to purchase and implement it into their smart contracts.

Our continually growing number of networks allow for the ability to create smart contracts on almost every dominant decentralized platform. Using our Solidity based templates with our decentralized ledger allows for computations to be done off-chain, while your transactions remain, on-chain.

BlockIDE’s Development environment bridges the gap between blockchain technology and the business world. The easy Smart Contract Wizard makes it easy for businesses to integrate smart contracts into their existing infrastructure. Users merely select the template category, and the rest automatically. Add your team members to easily share and annotate existing smart contracts, while you collaborate and build new ones.

Our advance Oracle system bridges the gap between your smart contract and your favorite Web API's and data feeds. Our users can customize contracts based on shipping data, flight information, sports outcomes, and many more! Imagine the possibilities with millions of data endpoints at your fingerprints.

Anyone that has stepped into the world of blockchain knows that smart contract developers are rare and more importantly expensive. It is also apparent that smart contracts are complicated and any bugs that get inside compromise security. To address this concern, BlockIDE created a peer review community that provides detailed reports on all your smart contracts in exchange for a bounty.

Finally, have confidence in your smart contract. Our Code Community experts provide detailed reports for Intended Behaviors, security vulnerabilities, best practices, and more. Our range of experts includes blockchain veterans, some of whom were co-founders of new protocols, to Solidity programmers in both finance and law, who have expertise in the blockchain industry.

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